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1980 MORGAN 382, lying in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala


Ken Kurlychek
Posting this for a friend. Please contact her directly: passitonguatemala@gmail.com

Our friend, Julia, runs a charity in Guatemala called "Pass it On Guatemala" and received the donation of this 1980 382 from Bill Williams. She's offering it for Q60,000 which is around $7,715 USD. This is a great deal as the boat is in very good condition. Rio Dulce is a great place to be or from which to explore Belize and the Bay Islands of Honduras.
Just an FYI if needed: Marine surveyor, John Brandes john@riodulcemarina.com
Currently berthed in Mar Marine Yacht Club, Marina, Hotel & Restaurant
There are many good marinas and services in Rio Dulce at prices that can't be beat.
Traveling from the states, you would probably fly to Guatemala City and take the Litigua Bus to Fronteras/Rio Dulce. Covid guidelines and precautions are stricter there than many US states so be sure to check out what they are before booking a flight.

Here's a link to Bill's farewell post:

Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg. Rigging Type: Masthead Sloop.
LOA: 38.33 ft / 11.68 m. LWL: 30.50 ft / 9.30 m.
Beam: 12.00 ft / 3.66 m. S.A. (reported): ...
Draft (max): 5.00 ft / 1.52 m.
Displacement: 17,000 lb / 7,711 kg. Ballast: ...
S.A./Disp.: 16.20. Bal./Disp.: ...
Construction: FG. Ballast Type: ...
Perkins 4-108 diesel engine, with 70 amp alternator
Solar panel with charge controller, Xantrex battery charger
Electric windless
Holding tank
New sacrificial strip on genoa last year
Main sail is 3 years old
Standing rigging is 11 years old
Stainless steel outboard hoist.

Contact Julia at: passitonguatemala@gmail.com


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