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Retiring to land


Marvin (Bill) Williams
After 22 plus years of full time liveaboard on "Sno Virgin" it's finally time to say goodbye to the great old girl. My favorite girl and I have spent 17 years down in the Western Caribbean. I'm usually on board for 11 months each year, and I vacation back in the States 1 month a year. It's been fun and sometimes exciting. Fortunately not too many "Oh Sh+t" moments. Met a lot of interesting people, have seen a lot of interesting places from Cuba, Caribbean Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Bay Islands, Panama, San Blas Islands, to Cartagena , Colombia. A load of great memories. On Feb. 1 I start to inhabit an apartment in Baton Rouge, LA.. A long time ago I graduated fron Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. My son and his family live there also. I imagine I will have some withdrawal pains at first, but if so, I have a water view from my apartment. Unfortunately, it is the Mississippi River. Believe me, it is vastly different from the water view I have had for the past 22 plus years. I am donating my boat to a charitable organization here in Guatemala. They will auction it off and the proceeds are used to help improve the life of people in the vicinity of Fronteras (Rio Dulce area), Guatemala. I've been a member of this forum since 2001, and plan to check in often.
Wow, that is quite a life change. It is nice to hear of how you are letting Sno Virgin go to help others though! Wish you well in your "new" life.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Bill, you’ve had quite the adventure with your Morgan! Some of us are hoping to retire soon and aspire to spend 20+ years like you have.

It says you’ve done 176 posts on this forum and thanks for sharing! We do hope you are like other “long timers” in that you return & keep chiming in.

A question, and I know it’s very hard: of all those places you voyaged to on your Morgan, which was your favorite?



Marvin (Bill) Williams
That is tough because each place was unique. But, I would consider the top places as Cuba, Cartagena, San Blas Islands. The absolute top was Cartagena. Beautiful old walled city, fabulous beaches in another part of the big city, and there is so much HISTORY. Also, very skilled craftsmen in about any type of skill related to boating. And, not expensive. You know of the little plastic drain covers on the deck and cockpit drains. I got tired of mine breaking, and had a little foundry there cast me new ones out of bronze. Cost - equivalent of $ 10 US each ( the plastic ones used to cost me $7). San Blas Islands reminded me of what I used to read about, and dream about, when I was a kid- beautiful palm covered islands in the "South Seas." In Cuba, the people were fabulous. There is a little jewel of an island well off the coast of Nicaragua that belongs to Colombia that has to be the least commercialized island in the Caribbean. Isla Providencia is the name. The most laid back place you can imagine. Spent 3 weeks there among just ordinary people without a single HiRise building anywhere. Also no heavy touristy businesses. Extermely casual check in and check out. I will pop in to the Forum now and then