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WindRose almost burned


lee nicholas
i left the boat a week ago all was fine, next afternoon I came back and the engine was running! No one aboard all locked up , no key in the ignition!
I smelled smoke Wow the whole wiring harness was toast !
All the Gage's don't work. I ordered wire! Soonest local boat electrictions can look at it is 3 weeks ,
I'll replace every wire and not connect to the engine harness until I'm sure there are no shorts !!!!!!
It's going to be a slow process.
Could have burned the boat and dock !!!
Lee Nicholas M 384


Thank you for sharing this. This scenario is the stuff of nightmares! It sounds like you might be missing some fusing??? Im sure many of us would be interested in an update as you begin to pick through things and gather info. Glad to hear the boat didn’t burn!


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Lee - very glad you & Wind Rose are okay.

So the engine spontaneously started itself??

This is a new worry that I didn’t even know I needed to worry about?!


lee nicholas
Yes my engine started itself with it all locked up and key in the first step,
Ran all night and to 4 pm in the afternoon ! All by its self the wiring harness is all fried. Today I replaced all the gage wires, what a chore !!!!!
I will mount a fuse box in the pilot berth a fuse for every wire , My engine harness plugs are 50% melted . Short looks so far like from the engine harness to the Gage's !
I will not have a rats nest looking electrical set up that I'm afraid to touch !
I can't believe they built her this way !!!!


Dave Ahlers
Lee, have your alternator diodes tested. They're a check valve for the battery bank that they're hooked to.
Also look at your ignition switch. If you have a lot of accessory wires coming off the hot leads, it can put too many amps through the switch and melt/corrode internally.
Somehow you got power to the starter solenoid wire, which cranked the engine. The short probably kept cranking the engine even though it started, so your starter may be fried too. Trans Atlantic Diesel might have an engine harness.
Was your main battery switch off?


Helene Schmidt
Wow! Are you in a marina where someone should have noticed and called you? It sounds like you have a good plan to upgrade the design. If you have any "Before" photos, please share them. I think I'm OK, since I had a marine electrician replace my panel right after I bought Hallelujah.