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Ted Brewer has passed.

Warren Holybee

Active Member
Ted Brewer has passed. His wife Betty posted on Facebook on Oct 1.
Thanks for sharing that Warren.
For those that don't know, Ted Brewer designed the 382/383/384 version of Morgan 38s. And a whole lot of other designs.
I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but he had quite a full & accomplished life. He was living in BC Canada, and I chatted with him on the phone about 9 years ago when I bought the boat drawings. I was hoping to go meet him when we do our next cruise up there next summer.
Fair winds and following seas, Ted!
We all have a deep connection to the Man. He did a wonderful job with our boats. His legacy will sail on for many more years with us.

Thank you for posting this news. I'm very proud to 'talk Ted' when someone asks me who designed that boat we sail that has such nice lines.
first saw this with Terry thatchers posting on the main sale forum. Great man spoke to him many times about our boats bought the design for the cover egg from him etc. etc. etc. Rest in peace Ted