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Stress Cracks In Gelcoat On Either Side Of Keel


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Exploring a potential issue- Previous ownership had boat surveyed and this older survey notes:

"gelcoat cracks noted outboard of the keel, on both port and starboard sides, below the waterline."


Now unseen below subsequent coat of bottom paint.

Surveyor concludes stress from grounding, flexing the hull. Observes "No structural damage was noted in the interior in these areas" with caveat "although these areas are difficult to access clearly".

That's a pretty big caveat having looked at the solidity of cabin sole. To what degree or how the interior structure was assessed is unknown.

Also- do we think a grounding would create symmetrical damage, rather than impact one side to greater degree, windward or leeward?

Reading posts here, we learn the build itself had issues when keel was elongated to the 6 foot draft. Survey doesn't indicate any familiarity with this issue or others particular to 382s. This is a 5 foot draft, but might a grounding trigger or approximate the ill effects of the deeper keel?

The symmetry is what catches my attention. There is indication of grounding - chipped fairing on leading edge of keel, lateral crack across trailing edge where it meets the hull. And PO confirms. Stress cracks in gelcoat could be from the same moment.

Or they could be a later consequence, emerging on both tacks, which would be a different level of concern.

Has anyone seen longitudinal cracks around the keel, and if so what was remediation?
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