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Sea water strainer shut off valve


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Hey guys,

This is my first boat

I had my boat running while I hosed off some leaves and other gunk, and I believe I stopped up my sea water intake strainer. The motor (beta marine with only 25 hrs.) over heated as I was un-tying my lines to go out a couple of weekends after I cleaned it up.

We went to clean out the strainer and the valve to close off the intake pipe is seized up. We will eventually haul out to paint and will change the valve at that point.

Are there any solutions to get this strainer cleaned out without having to haul it out because the valve is stuck open?

Is the sea water strainer above the water line on the outside of the boat? Picture attached.

Thanks in advance!
Welcome aboard.
That looks below the waterline to me. As a point of reference, you should be able to see the "torpedo tube" cockpit drains from the quarterberth access. You can crack it open and see if it leaks. And if it does, your bilge pump should be able to mitigate ingress for a few moments while you clean it. Similar to cleaning a paddlewheel.
I was hesitating going that route for fear of having a troublesome gasket or something that didn’t easily go back together. This will probably be the route I go, thanks!
When I first bought my boat before I hauled out and replaced all thru-hulls, the hose from galley sink to thru-hull desperately needed replaced. I used a foam plug that was on the boat to plug it from under the boat. Replaced hose then dove back under to pull plug.
Another option would be to disconnect hose where it connects to the strainer and plug hose with plug. Then clean strainer and if needed replace gasket.
The inlet is defiantly below the water line but I can reach mine from the water surface or just a quick duck under. Thus a plug from outside will work while you clean the strainer. I recently had an issue with the kitchen sink thru hull valve. I removed the top part of the valve releasing the ball and the seawater. I quickly inserted a wood plug. Then cleaned up the ball and lubed with plumbers grease and reversed the process. It worked but gets the heart beating. I close all my through hulls every time I leave the boat, I am 3 hrs away. If you get the strainer cleaned, ensure the seawater pump is moving water by inspecting your stern discharge or exhaust. There should be a lot of water mixed with the exhaust. best of luck and welcome.
Might try some of the following (which would involve some momentary water ingress, probably would want to have plugs ready and new section of hose just incase):

1) ideally shut the seacock (seems like not in this case! Maybe try hosing the outisde with PB blaster and using a small amount of leversge to try to work it a few degrees at a time?)

2) loosen the hose clamps on the supply side of the strainer housing and separate that end of hose

3) elevate the end of the hose up above the waterline (strait above the seacock)

4) use a pokey-stick to ram the debris back out from where it is stuck!

On my 382, the top rim of the strainer housing (which is a different brand from the one pictured but looks similarly situated) is right at water level. Always struck me as a little risky for priming, but certainly a little safer, and has never given me problems!

Another more aggressive option is to get a 'drain cleaning water bladder' that attaches to a garden hose from a hardware store....

Also, if the short section of hose isn't long enough to get you above waterline, you could swap on a longer one for this endeavor (or, if lucky, find the clog in that section!).

This approach is somewhat thwarted by thru-hull intakes with exterior grates (which themselves can get clogged with growth, and require a snorkel/diver and stiff brush to clean up).
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