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Rudder Weep Holes?


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Hey Gang,

A neighbor in the yard where I'm laid up for the winter suggested I drill four weeping holes 1/2 wide along the bottom edge of the rudder to allow the moisture to escape rather than go through the various freeze / thaw cycles. There is currently visible evidence of moisture having dripped from the rudder. He showed me the ones he's done an his similar vintage boat of his own and will simply epoxy and re-glass in the spring. I searched this forum but was surprised to not find any comments on the subject.

Any experience / ideas related to the topic you're willing to share would be great.


Yes. If you have water, especially rusty water, coming out of the rudder, you should, at a minimum, drill some holes to look at the welds where the frame is welded to the post. Significant leakage, you should consider a new rudder from Foss Foam in Florida.