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Oil Change Assistance

I feel foolish because I've changed the oil plenty of times before. I have a built-in pump for draining the oil. It was installed before I bought the boat so I can't say how it's plumbed. I ran the pump until it was just spurting but only got maybe a gallon of used oil out. The 4.108 holds 2+ gallons, correct? Is it possible there is another gallon or so still in the engine somewhere? Do I need to pull the plug on the oil pan too?


Bert Willett
Marc, I think it holds 5qt., but haven't verified that in the manual. I never got more than a gallon out even using the drain plug.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
When we had a Perkins 4-108, I got 4.8 quarts of oil out when I did oil changes, so 1.2 gallons. I used to drain it via the oil pan plug.
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