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New Lee Sails 382 Mainsail


Terence Thatcher
One of my yacht Club colleagues is the local dealer for Lee Sails. He built a new mainsail for a 382, and the buyer does not want the sail now. I do not know the whole story-- and therefore, I do not know if one of our members is the 382 owner who decided not to pay for and take the sail. I did not ask.

Anyway, there is now a new Lee 382 mainsail available in Portland, that presumably could be shipped anywhere. I am not making any claims about the sail's quality. I have not seen it. I pass on this information as a favor to my friend and in case it might be of use to someone on the Board.

If anyone is interested, contact Cliff Hunter. 503-641-7170. chandcw@comcast.net.


Richard Kilroy
Get Rolly Tasker sails through whoever you can find who is selling them in the US. They are the worlds largest sail
maker and located in The Philippines I believe. And they make very good sails, i’ve got them on my boat. Have had for a number of years. They replaced the quantum Thurston sales I had on the boat for a number of years