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New Forestay Needed

Adam Scarbrough

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I have a 1980, Morgan 382 with what I have been told was ordered with a "tall rig". It is the standard 9x6 oval mast and is original to the boat but is 57' from top to bottom. I'm thinking this is the same rig that was later installedon the 383's but I'm not sure. I need a new forestay but no longer have the old damaged one for reference. Does anyone else happen to have this type of rig or possibly a rigging diagram from a 383?

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You need to measure it. If the mast is unstepped, you can step the mast and use the jib halyard as a stay while you measure. The top is often/usually a sta-loc, so you can order the forestay long, and cut it to the correct length once the mast is up and you can measure.
I would tack the jib halyard(s) to to the anchor rollers or bow cleats, go up the mast and drop the old one down with the main halyard. Your not going to sail with a bad forestay anyway. Accuracy guaranteed.


Dave Ahlers
Adam, I'd suggest that in the Baton Rouge area there are more than a few riggers. Get one to come over, check the fittings and measure what you have. Then the responsibility for fit is on him. Everything has to be compatible with your furler as well. Your boat must have received a new mast (and boom?) in its past life.
There is an owners manual and 383/4 specs on this website. Go to Morgan Community, you will see reference materials. It doesn't have forestay length btw.