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Need help with my Sole

Mitchell S Allen

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Well, the cross trim, moulding, or what ever we call it. The divider between panels. There was damage when we bought Sonata, this last week it became worse.
Does anyone have a source for the teak mounding?
Thank you,


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Is there an elevation change between the two sections of teak & holly plywood sole pieces?


If you make a drawing for me, I will reproduce the piece in teak. I have the wood, you pay the shipping.

Jim, you're amazing! And so generous. I'll be back at the boat next week. I'll get it sorted and be in touch.
Thank you so much!
Mitchell, for future reference: most decent hardwood stores have teak in various sizes. I have 2 such stores in Portland. There must be more in California.
Macbeath hardwood in Berkeley is the local hardwood store for teak. Only about a 10 minute drive from Richmond. You would need to shape the wood yourself. As John mentioned, you can get oak etc. at the big box home improvement places.

I stopped at the boat today. I looked at the sole beside the galley, just forward of the long bilge hatch and just aft of the Sweeping bin. On Dana the separation of the teak and holly cabin sole in that spot is a 3/4" solid teak board that does not overlap the plywood. In your photo the teak piece appears to be raised and overlapping the fore & aft pieces of plywood. If you draw it any way that you want, I'll make it for you.

Here are the photos I took today at the boat. You see that the divider between the plywood is flush with the the surface.



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Thank you Jim. That's interesting to see the difference. I always felt the way ours was done looked like a bit of an afterthought. I should be back to the boat this week and will see if I can pull up what's left of this trim. I'll let you know what I find.
I managed to remove the moulding and without ompletely destroying it! It is actually flat on the underside, so pretty straight forward,
I think. Slight crown and it fits under the verticle trim either end. It was kinda glued and pin nailed down. It is slightly crowned, maybe 3/16", it could be more.
I will send it to you as a guide or pattern. I will be away for two weeks visiting my Folks so I will send it off when I return. Some photos below...


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This looks fairly simple to remake. As soon as I get it from you, I'll get working on it.

I got the trim when I got home last. Thanks once again, appreciate this so much. It looks wonderful, truly artwork!
Thanks Jim, I will add something to it. Not sure what has been applied to the sole and these trim pieces. I will eventually need to refinish the whole thing, but that is waaaay down the list.
Thank you!

My system for finishing the cabin sole is, every other year, sand the surface with 220 grit paper. Then coat with a single coat of Pettit's Captain's Varnish. It looks pretty good after all the years except when moisture has gained access up from the underside of the wood. There doesn't seem to be much that can be done about that now. The builder should have coated the floorboards top and bottom and the edges before installing. That probably cost too much money at the time.

Cool Jim, Satin finish? I have some moisture issues too, mainly in corner areas. But I'll live with it. Im sure the "factory" never gave the underside a second thought.
I have a feeling this part of Sonata has never, or rarely seen any love. But its really not to bad.
Thanks for your wisdom and expertise.