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Morgan 38 (original) questions


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Hello! I'm thinking about buying an original CM Morgan 38 (looking at one 70 and a 71) and was hoping for some info:

How is the keel constructed? Is the ballast encapsulated or bolted on? Is is lead? Does it have the holding tank in the keel like later models?

Are there known problems I should look for?

Was there a tiller option, or were they all made with wheels?

What transmission was in them?

One that I'm looking at has been repowered with a 25HP Beta, this seems underpowered for the displacement?

Are the interiors stick built or liner?

One is a yawl, has anyone put solar panels on a yawl? Where?

Any info appreciated!

Practical Sailor wrote a favorable review years ago. It is found in the first PS book on used boats. Also check sailboatdata.com. The advantage of a yawl is running under jib and mizzen in tough winds and the ability to carry a mizzen staysail downwind. Old fashioned CCA ideas that still hold some appeal.
Hi Jeff - we do have some original 'Charley Morgan' Morgan 38 owners on this forum. Hopefully someone will chime in soon. Welcome to the forum!
Hi Jeff, the cm38 is a keel/centerboard with encapsulated lead keel. It is a great sailing boat worth upgrading. The k/cb
is a big advantage in areas like the Keys and Bahamas however it requires considerable maintenance. I've owned #56 (1970) for 26 years and would be happy to share my experience both good and bad. There is lots of info in the archives, just search cm38.
Thanks for the replies! Florida and the Bahamas are the exact reasons I'm looking at these boats. I'm finding that info on the cm38s are hard to tease out of the much larger volume of 38x info so anything specific to these is welcome.
Hi Jeff. I found the aluminum step for the mizzen on a drawer of my CM38. I wish the mast was still around. Must look great with all sails deployed.
I'm on a 1969 . And I can't wait to get back every time I leave. I'm constantly working on something and I love it.
I don't know how to install solar arch on a Yawl.. the mast sits way aft . Now, I have opted for a hard top . Is a bit forward and should allow for a future Yawl rig . Also plan to sit the solar on top in the future. Should be good for enclosure in canvas as well. Perhaps something like this might help on that Yawl . Good luck , hope it all works out.