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Mast Height above water

Ernest Ashley

New Member
I have searched the forum but no luck. Can someone tell me the mast height (bridge clearance) of the 383? I may be looking for a new winter storage option. Thanks.


Ken Kurlychek
We use 57' as our height for our 384 but believe it is probably closer to 55'. We like to allow a margin of error.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Yeah, the 383 & 384 originally had the same mast height. Like Ken, we have always used 57ft and have never gone “bang”. Although it looked close sometimes ;).

Ernest Ashley

New Member
Thanks to you both. Considering that where we have kept a boat last two years was past a 49' fixed bridge and our tide range is 8-11', (i.e., 57' at typical low tide) I guess we will be looking for winter storage elsewhere.