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Mast attachment point


New Member
Two questions.

1. Does your boat have one of these?

2. What is it? It looks like an attachment point for an inner forestay, I know, but is it?


Warren Holybee

Active Member
Mine has one. It is too low for an inner stay. It might have been intended for a topping lift for a spinnaker pole. However, I have an additional block halfway between the spreaders and the masthead that I use for that.


Terence Thatcher
Yes, I use it for pole topping lift. As Warren said, cutter stay would be higher--parallel to forestay, starting at the aft anchor locker bulkhead. I have a chainplate there, but no attachment on the mast for the cutter staysail stay. At the same mast location for the staysail stay, one would also have to have tangs for running backstays. That is why I chose a Solent Jib.


Jerzy Borzym
I think it was design for spinnaker pole topping lift. It is so strong I'm using this attachment point for inner forestay. I made two ss plates for both sides of the aluminum weldet plate to attach Spectra stay and halyard. Picture shows only one side. The second bolt is for inner forestay.
See also my previous writing about Genoa. I also install tracks on cabin top to have proper sheet angles. The jib is small, but with 3-rd reef on main at spreaders high should be good for heavy weather.


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