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Happy Mardi Gras


Thomas McNulty
It’s carnival time in Louisiana. The kids are out of school all week and many of us have a holiday from work.
Mardi Gras is not just a New Orleans celebration. It is celebrated all over South Louisiana and in other cities such as Mobile, AL.
In Southwestern Louisiana it is completely different from the New Orleans parades and beads. The men dress up in costumes and raise money from donations to make gumbo. They typically release a chicken and chase it until they catch it. I presume the chicken is one of the ingredients of the gumbo.
Lots of fun before the first day of Lent (tomorrow).


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Wow, I've tried to catch a chicken before and it's quite difficult. Those things run & turn quickly. I reckon if they catch it, they deserve to eat it. ;)

It looks like Mandeville is closer to N.O. so it's probably "parades and beads" for you.

Happy Mardi Gras, Thomas.



Thomas McNulty
You’re right Mark. Mandeville is due north of New Orleans (across Lake Pontchartrain). My boat is in Mandeville but I live in Lafayette which is 2 hoours west of Mandeville. We have parades and beads in Lafayette too but the small communities in the area celebrate the different kind of Mardi Gras.