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Fuel tank fill hose fitting

Dave and Petra

New Member
Hi again, I am almost done removing termites and their damage. I will post pics soon.
I am wanting to make the new sole flat over the entire fuel tank. The fill hose and fitting stand about an inch proud.
Has anyone here made it flush somehow ?
I am considering fabricating a new plate for the fittings that is recessed. The fuel gauge would drop by an inch or so. Is that likely to be an issue ?

Cheers for now.


Terence Thatcher
That fitting is inside a locker on the Morgans I am familiar with. The locker is under the port settee "L" that sits in front of the sinks. My locker has a drawer that pulls out into the fore/aft walkway and behind the drawer is the fill. Look at Brewer's accommodation plan and you will see what I mean. Basic layout also on SailboatData.com


Richard Kilroy
The few hose in fillings to the tank is as Terry describes it. It is located inside in area next to the drawer under the sink. It is therefore not exposed to anything as the original design is constructed. not in the walkway or anything just next to the drawer under the sink.

Good luck with your redo

Dave and Petra

New Member
We will be moving the galley sink and want to make the floor in that area flat. The fill hose fitting is too tall. Concidering recessing the current mounting plate or moving the fill hose fitting to the aft end of the tank. Has anyone done this ?