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Fuel Filter


Terence Thatcher
I am sick of fighting with the secondary fuel filter hung off the back of my Perkins 4-108. I already have a Racor 500 series primary filter. I will install a smaller filter in the engine room, head of the lift pump. I will leave the old filter on but no longer have to service it.
1)What filters have others used? I am considering a small Racor with 2 micron filter element. But they all seem to have water separators, which I don't really need because of the primary filter.
2) I may install either a Racor filter with a priming button or a small electric pump for priming. BUT, I have also read that priming with an electric pump (or maybe the Racor filter with the priming pump) will damage the Perkins lift pump. Any thoughts on that question?



Bert Willett
While the mechanics didn't agree because it would clog faster, I put a 2 micron filter in my Racor 500 filter under the galley sink. No problems with the filter on the engine.


Dave Ahlers
Terry, I had 2 old school Racor 500's in line. I picked one up cheap on Ebay, rebuilt it and replaced the under sink water separator. Its usual practice to have a water drain on a diesel filter. I ran a 10 mic under the sink, 2 mic Racor in the engine compartment, then the Perkins 10 micron on the engine. Never had to change the engine filter, and monitored the fuel vacuum with a gauge. I think the key to trouble free motoring was the thorough cleaning I gave the Morgan tank. I never had any reason to change the Racor 10 or 2 mic filters.
I recently read running a 2 micron filter puts a strain on the mechanical lift pump, and can cause failure. Lots of opinions out there. I had no problem.
As far using an electric pump: I see it as a back up to the lift and a priming aid. But IF the electric pump develops too much pressure it might eventually damage the lift pump diaphram. If your lift pump fails, it likely has a ruptured diaphram. Either the pump stops working and/or it leaks fuel into the crankcase. If you turn on the electric pump it will do the same thing I think. You might need a lift pump bypass plumbed in to use an electric pump. I'm over my depth, so I suggest speaking to a diesel injector expert about using a Facet or similar electric pump in the system and what pressure it should develop.