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Exhaust elbow- Bowman model Perkins 4-108


Marvin (Bill) Williams
Has anyone replaced the exhaust elbow on a Perkins 4-108 with the Bowman model exhaust/cooling system ? I'm installing a rebuilt engine using my existing cooling system, and in checking out the elbow I find that the water injection pipe projecting down in the elbow is shot. I can have a new elbow made up with a lot of individual components, but if I could get an exact replacement of the existing elbow, I would prefer that .

Anyone know of any source for an elbow ?

Bill Williams


Bud Boudreaux
Bill, sorry I can't help on a source, but I'll pass along something a mechanic told me. That is: an aluminum elbow is much preferable to an iron/mild steel one.


Steven Wilburn
There is a marine supply store near me that can get the elblows. The name of the store is Blue Water Marine and they are located in Clear Lake, TX. Their phone is 281-334-7583. I was quoted a price of around $100 for exhaust elbow for my 4-108.


Oscar Kramer
I recently replaced my elbow. Got a new one from TradeWinds (305-592-9745) in Miami. It required an additional threaded 2" nipple to mate the elbow to the manifold. There is a very similar elbow with a male thread that won't work. As you mentioned, the internal shroud ("water injection pipe") that prevents water from shooting down into the exhaust manifold (and into the cylinders) was completely eroded on mine. I only noticed it after overhauling my engine. It is a miracle water didn't get down in there. I guess it's due to the positive pressure forcing the water in the other direction. A friend of mine with an M-382 recently inspected his and found the same problem. I suspect that everybody with the original elbow has a problem.


Marvin (Bill) Williams
Thanks for the input on the elbow. The engine is back in the boat now and I just got back after a 4 day trip out and about to put some hours on the engine. I've got a system that is ok, but has 2 steel nipples and 2 steel elbows, in addition to the aluminum injection piece. Will want to change it out if I can get something that requires less steel parts. Boy, that steel really gets hot. Meanwhile will get in touch with the two places suggested to see what I can get .



Jay Green
I can second Steve's recommendation for Blue Water Marine in Texas, just received an aluminum mixer riser for my 4-108 for $80, fast, knowledgeable, and courteous.
I have an old Warrior 35 and was pleased to find the Morgan site after getting quotes from $320 to $490 from other sources. Great format for information exchange!
Barry Hewett
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Beaufort, NC


bob lund
Does anyone have the part number of the exhaust elbow you got from either tradwinds or blue water marine? They need a lookup for their catelog of thousands of parts. I have the threaded 2" nipple that goes between the manifold and the elbow. Elbow has female threads. Thanks!


New Member
Hello! I have to replace the exhaust for Perkins 4-108 50 HP (photo). Do anybody know, where can I find this one for sale? Or maybe someone has some info on this.


James M. Cleary
Try: exhaustelbows.com in Connecticuit. I know he has stainless steel elbows for Yanmar. Maybe he has them for Perkins also.

jose santin

I remember an outfit out of Alabama that sold stainless steel exhaust elbow for the Perkins. This was a long while back but you might search on google.


I second Jim Cleary's exhaustelbows.com as he suggested to me last season.
Custom made SS elbow in 2021 for my Perkins 4108.
Excellent workmanship, fast service and reasonably priced.


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