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CM38 Centerboard winch handle - source? Pics?


New Member
Does anyone have a pic of their old style winch handle for the centerboard on a 1970 CM38? It seems like maybe a flat bar with a handle on the side or something. The winch point in cockpit is a round (3"?) Disc with a hole in center and slots on sides.

Anyone have a pic the could send/post?

I'm launching tomorrow after my first round of haulout work. Wooo!! First time for me to pilot her under her own power (motor only, unfortunately... until new spreaders and service furler).



Bill Harney
Hi Brice, here are pics of the cb winch handle from my 1970 cm38. Good luck with your boat, a lot of work but worth it.winch handle2.JPGwinch handle1.JPG