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Bilge and scuppers VERY slow


Geoff Kane
Never this slow. Usually after a storm just shoot water in side scuppers and all clear. This time seems to be blocked as the bilge manifold empties into the torpedo tube towards port of center line. Anyone ever use drain cleaner(virgin sulfuric acid) to clear bilge manifold as it empties into the torpedo tube without damaging pvc pipe and 1978 plastic hose? I'm ready to take rubber boot off t/tube but ........ Thanks in advance for input.
both hoses are accessible. The Portside is pretty easy. Just climb in the sale locker. The starboard side is another story. You’ll have to drop the headliner in the quarter birth. I have done both myself
Drain cleaner (Draino/Liquid Plumber etc.) contains Lye. Do not let it get anywhere near an acid! Drain Cleaner is generally used on PCV plumbing and won't harm it at all, but I doubt it will work.

All of the hoses are accessible, as mentioned, and if you haven't replaced them, are probably brittle and need replaced anyway. IIRC, you can also open up the end of the manifold, and could run a cleaning rod horizontally through it. I've never had any issues with it clogging though.