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Backstay adjusters

My Navtec (20 years young) hydraulic unit has started to leak. Repairs are estimated north of $700.
It's big and heavy but does the job. Any other solutions?
On every sail. It's part of the routine. Going to weather we pump it up, off the wind released. Every boat I've raced on does the same. Habit or go fast? TBD someday.

Warren Holybee

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I've considered adding one, more so back when I was racing. But I'm not convinced it makes a significant difference on our boats. If I had an expensive hydraulic unit that failed I would not replace it.

Warren Holybee

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I can see the mast tilting back aft but not bending. Can it actually bend?

Yes. It is very bendy. Just put 4 or 5 turns on the forward lowers and take an equal amount out of the aft and sight up the sail track (ok don't really) and its quite obvious.
Or raise a plumb line on your main halyard to measure it.
When my mast was on the ground on roll around saw horses i could roll one end around and it wobbled like a noodle.
Before Sonata, I have always sailed with fractional rigs. They need backstay adjusters for sure. I questioned why our boat didn't have one when I bought her. The previous owner just shrugged it off. I honestly haven't sailed Sonata enough to notice the difference or if it might help/ be faster.
With the split backstay it would be simple to rig a purchase system. But on our boat, the radar tower goes up and is supported by one side of the split section.