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Anyone has a spare Sole dust pan?

I have had my 382 for few years and never knew about the dustpan until I saw this amazing pan in another 382 floor. The sad part is that about 2 weeks ago I used that pan to paint. When I got the boat it came in a box with all the paint stuff and just thought it was for painting. So obviously I threw it out. If any one knows where to get one or something that would fit I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance

Seems like a great job for a 3D printer, if anyone had the specs. I would probably order a spare if someone ever went to the effort of getting a run together. Truly an inspired bit of design in a boat that also has a few head scratchers (looking at you, keel holding tank).

Warren Holybee

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Easier and cheaper than a 3d printer, copy one in Fiberglass. Just put some release on an original, apply cloth, then trim edges when done.
I'm not able right now, or I'd make a few.