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1979 Morgan 382 for sale in Maine


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Hi all, with the expected and usual hesitation, reluctance, etc. EMANON (382 hull #180) is for sale.

Looking ahead to the next few years, I'm not going to be able to justify the time and effort of keeping her up against the number of days I expect to be able to sail her.

Listing and lots of info is here on Craigslist: https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/d/blue-hill-1979-morgan-sloop-sailboat/7611681755.html

Probably best to email me through the CL link, but I should receive notifications for direct messages through the forum!
I just sold Non Sea Quitter (1980) in Annapolis and I think your boat looks nice and your asking price is very reasonable. Your ad looks nice. Beware of time wasters, keel kickers and wannabe dreamers and phony scam artists. It pays to be on every possible site to promote and advertise her for sale. I would say that of the many inquiries I received, perhaps 20% were serious and of those only a few pursued it. A handful came to see the boat and the buyers acted quickly and we proceeded in a pleasant, cooperate and efficient manner. Don't bother to chase down everyone who expresses interest as so many are just frivolous. All is well that ends well!