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Overall from ahead

Overall from ahead

Hi Rolf, I'm a new member and new owner of a 384. How did you deal with chain alignment from the anchor roller down to windless? Do you have a slight angle in the mounting bracket? Thanks for sharing these photos!
The chain alignment is straight - anchor roller direct to windlass when it is tight. What you see in the picture here is the anchor clipped to the bulwark, so the shank of the anchor is at an angle to the roller, but normally, it is a straight line right down the middle of the roller pad.
@rolf Thanks for the reply. I was thinking more in the vertical, as the windless is at a lower level than than the anchor. Does the chain enter the windlass at a slight vertical angle? Does it even really matter, or do you have some tolerance in the windlass for this type of situation. I like the idea of keeping the windlass below deck.
On a separate note, where are you feeding the chain? Did you go into the forward storage and close off from cabin?
Thanks again!
Sorry for delayed reply. The chain runs in a straight line from the anchor to the gypsy. You are right the gypsy is lower than the deck, the anchor roller is slanted back and down to match the angle so the chain is straight. When in use, the chain doesnt even touch the roller plate. I do think the chain arrives at a slight angle to the more vertical placement of the windlass. This was designed by the staff at Barkers Island Marina when I first bought my boat.

I did have the anchor locker closed off from the v-berth and cut out the original shallow locker bottom so the chain drops all the way to the bottom of the hull but behind the bulkhead separating it from the v-berth. I heard too many stories of people running up and down to knock down chain in the v-berth. I keep a boat hook on deck for this purpose, I can do everything but manage the engine from the bow, including wash the line with a deckwash.

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