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Water Tank Tie Down


Barry Schnur
I'm preparing my M382 for blue water cruising and recently looked at how the starboard water tank is installed (I assume the port tank is similar). It appears to be well secured against coming adrift in ordinary circumstances, but I wonder if the tank would remain in place during a rollover. It sits in a fiberglass 'tub' that may be glassed to the hull (?). The tub top is the plywood settee bottom, and is secured with only a few screws, some of which are in stripped out holes. Even after fixing the stripped out screw holes, it seems like it might be possible for the tank to come out of the tub in a rollover or bad knockdown.
I'd like to know if anyone has determined whether the tanks are secure enough as installed by the factory, or if some sort of extra restraint is advisable.
Thanks in advance,


bud fetter
In a rollover, the water tanks in the 38's are the least of your worries. Batteries and other unsecured items are critical.


Barry Schnur
Actually, I think there are a lot of things to worry about. But, having 800 lb. of water tanks bouncing around the cabin would tend to ruin your whole day! I've already taken care of the batteries, stove, and storage compartments, it's the water tanks that concern me now -- plus the other things I haven't thought of yet....