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Upper Cabinets and Deck Support


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My 382 came with some upper cabinets over the Galley Sink that I have removed (in such a way that I can reinstall them relatively easily if more storage is needed). They were screwed to plywood above the headliner and had wood posts below for support. I thought these were standard storage, but in cruising through the pictures in the gallery, I don't think I saw another boat with them.
Does anyone else have these uppers?

Secondly, I also assumed that they provided structural support for the deck above and that I would need to run a longer post (along the centerline) once removed. However, again upon looking at photos in the gallery, it does not appear that anyone has a post there, except for sv Pilgrim, who installed it himself. Furthermore, the existing post did not run through the counter to anything structural underneath. I am beginning to think that the posts were solely there to support the cabinets from below.
Has this been brought up before? Does my conclusion seem a reasonable one?


Cabinet (banana for scale?):

Cabinet Removal:


Stephen Ruell
What hull # is your boat? We have 382 hull #41,and I've looked at lots of photos of other ones, there is no cabinet like that over the sink that I have ever seen. It looks like it was made by the same folks though, or someone matched the materials and finish. The doors are the same and the posts look like the ones we have that hold the table leaves up.
The rest of the interior in your photos looks the same as ours except that shelf in the quarter berth opening Also all the electronics stuff that you have in an enclosure mounted on the companionway bulkhead looks like an add on. The stock 382 doesn't really have a place for much stuff to be mounted around the electrical panel at the desk. Everything else is the same around the stove and sink and icebox except you have several wooden racks extra..
The exposed ceiling construction is the same as ours. You don't need any posts for support, they would have been to hold the cabinet. It looks like it only had small screws up into the deck and the posts would definitely help.


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I believe that I am hull #97.

I do believe that the cabinets came with the boat, so they must have been custom order with the boat. In my opinion they match too perfectly. The shelf in the Qtr and the Electronics box above have enough differences for me to tell they were added in later.

The cabinets are nice and I am glad I was able to remove them in such a way that I can reinstall them at a later time if my usage of the boat changes in a way where I could make use of the extra storage. But for now, the open space and not whacking my head while washing my hands is optimal.