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Transom boarding ladder/s/s and teak, ONLY $99


I have dropped the price...only $99 Transom boarding ladder/s/s and teak from my 1980 382. In very nice condition. In Maryland. $99. Thank you


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Hi pmf44, just curious, are you replacing it or parting it out? I'm curious because I've got the same ladder but find it difficult for boarding in any swell. I was thinking of one mounted midship but haven't figured out how to do that yet so it isn't a problem when docking.


I have found it to be just one of a handful of bad design issues on the M382. It was from a different era, and although it is quite well constructed, it was always in the way of docking, it covered the name on the transom, interfered with docklines etc. Of course by sayin this here, I may be hurting my odds of selling it, and I am not sure how it might be retrofitted or used elsewhere. Maybe it is destined for the scrapyard or perhaps--Bacons Warehouse, where it could languish. But--hey--it is in great shape! I bought a lightweight boarding ladder at a yard sale for $15 and it stows in the shower. Are you a new owner? Tell us more. I also have a oil cooler from the 4018, used but good anchor lines. thanks Paul Foer in Annapolis on "Non Sea Quitter"


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Hi Paul,
I've owned my 84 384 for 4 years. I'm in Lake Michigan and find the ladder to be the worst feature on my boat. Looks just like yours! I think after seeing the one Alan showed off that I've found my answer. L MI features a short period chop to the waves making boarding from the rear a real hazard in anything but calm conditions. I think my next 4108 adventure is the water pump. Greg Pitts in Montague, MI on Cygnus


Hi pmf44,
Would you share the dimensions of the teak steps if you still have access to the ladder?
Thank you in advance,