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Throttle and Transmission cables

Lukas Svrcek

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Hi there, I need to order the cables since the original cables are stuck,
Anyone has part number or at least the length ?
Much appreciated if anyone has the info.

Thanks Luke

This is for 382 1979 morgan
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Richard Kilroy
Yes I would try Edson. I have the Yanmar engine that had the Orion cables. I was able to get cables from Edson that I was able to replace my original cables. This however was a very difficult job as the end fitting did not match and fittings had to be made up.
good luck
FWIW - I unexpectedly had my shift cable break since writing that post a few days ago :mad:
My current (broken) cables are teleflex 8' PN CC17208. It's a discontinued part, but replaced by some new version with lower friction and tighter radius. Ordered new from defender as they were half the price of Edson. Seems to be generically referred to as a "type 33"

Fair warning, I have a Volvo engine, very different than either the Perkins or Yanmar. But the cable lengths are probably the same.

PITA to change. I feel stupid as I rebuilt my entire pedestal last year and those cables were the only thing I didn't change as they seemed very smooth and in good shape.
Volvo md22p. It was with her when i got her. I think the model engine was discontinued in the early 90s.

Its powerful and hasn't given me a bit of trouble. I dread the day it does, as a repower will be cheaper than fixing it.


Richard Kilroy
Warren couldn’t agree more Volvo parts are unbelievably expensive. How to friend with a Baba 40 with a Volvo and he could not believe the prices he had to pay for anything on that engine
I took my boat out last weekend to test the new cables. My dock neighbor came with. After the steering repairs/upgrades and now the control cables, he described the helm as "sexy as hell."

You don't realize how worn those parts are until you feel the difference. And I have taken that damn pedestal apart so many times it wasn't even difficult. Only a few hour job to replace the cables, and less than $100 for the pair.