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Three cheers for Jim and Bonnie Cleary

Ripple passed through NYC and into Long Island Sound this past Thursday, just ahead of tropical storm Elsa and in need of a secure spot to ride out the storm. Jim very generously set us up with a mooring reservation at the club next to his (his club was already full up). Not his fault that they refused to honor it when we arrived! He then helped us find an alternative nearby, met us at the marina, took us shopping, and shared some more of his many Morgan 38 secrets as we gave him a tour of Ripple.

Even better, we got a chance to have a brief raft up with Jim and Bonnie on Dana on Saturday morning in Oyster Bay, NY. Hoping to catch up with them again as we move further East next week!


James M. Cleary
Thanks Keefer. Great shot. Bonnie and I enjoyed our brief get together and to get to know liza, Abby and Charlie better. We are heading East now and hope to meet you again along the way. We have always have great pleasure meeting with other Morgan owners. If anyone is passing through Western Long Island Sound, give a shout.

Bonnie & Jim
Judging from all the posts and sage advice and assistance Jim has provided to us members in this forum over the years, I would expect nothing less from Jim and his wife Bonnie. What a contact to have! Safe travels to you! By the way, great picture indeed.


Keefer--that is terrific that you are now enjoying your boat--and got to meet up with the Clearys. Happy sailing.