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Ted Brewer


Stephen Ruell
There is a biographical article by Fiona McGlynn about Ted Brewer in the latest edition of Good Old Boat magazine. July/August 2020 issue.

This includes a paragraph about his design of the Morgan 382, mentions sailing the first 382 in a lightning storm, "the boat emerged unscthed.... beginning of a lucky streak that would see 400 Morgan 382s built...".


Stephen Ruell
Yes he is alive and well and the author talked to him and his wife.

I don't think I can copy the article and post it due to copyrights but Good Old Boat is offering free downloads of several issues, including this one, in order to attract subscribers. See the offer at https://goodoldboat.com. I don't think the offer is good for another month or so before it expires


James M. Cleary
I read the article yesterday. Very good! When they talked about the 382, I was a bit confused. I always thought that Ted was brought in to design the 382 by Beatrice Foods after Charlie Morgan had sold the company. I wonder which version is correct.



Bert Willett
Jim, The article said that Morgan Yachts, not Charlie Morgan brouught Ted Brewer in. Wishing You and Bonnie well