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Ted Brewer Passes On


Dave Ahlers
Thanks Terry, I read his obituary, and was sorry to see it

Sorry to hear the news. Ted designed some great boats. My interest in Ted's designs started when I got on a Whitby 42. I looked at Pan Oceanics(?) but they were Taiwan built and had WAY too much teak! The M383 turned out to be my sweetspot.
God speed Mr. Brewer.


Terence Thatcher
I have always admired the PanOceanic designs, and Brewer's fin keel version of the boats. Remarkably well thought out designs, Never got so far as to determine construction quality. Were I more affluent, I would be looking for a Brewer 44 for distance cruising. A great refinement of the Whitby 42.


James M. Cleary

From what I have heard, there were only 12 Brewer 44s built. They are still in high demand. The way to get one is to find someone who owns one and hound them to sell it to you.