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SV Skylark - Morgan 382 #64


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Hi folks,

Just introducing myself here, I'm the proud new owner of Morgan 382 #64 "Skylark". This fantastic community was a big factor for me in deciding on the Morgan and I couldn't be happier. Skylark is in sound condition but all of her systems are mostly original, so very much a "blank canvas" - I've definitely got my work cut out for me. My plan is to slowly re-fit over the next few years while trying to keep her in the water and sailing for as much of that time as possible.

I'll try to post back here as well as on my website (https://fergusnoble.co.uk/category/sv-skylark/) with updates as I get stuck into the first round of projects. I've already found this forum invaluable and hopefully I'll be able to contribute something useful back. I'm currently working on rebuilding the 3QM30F fresh water pump right now and I just received 200' of Dyneema to make up new synthetic lifelines this weekend!

Btw, I'm located in the SF Bay Area in case there are any other members in the area.




James M. Cleary

Congratulations! I'm sure you will come to love her as we all do ours. Go slow with your projects. Don't be afraid to ask for help here on the board. There is always someone who has knowledge of whatever you are seeking.

Congratulations on your "new" Morgan.

We have Sonata at Brickyard Cove in Point Richmond. So SF Bay too!

Like you, I was impressed with the knowledge and camaraderie here on the forum. It was a huge factor in my decision that Sonata was the right boat for us. This site is invaluable. These are really wonderful boats.
Let me know if you're nearby, it would be great to meet you.

Congratulations on your selection of one of the finest boat designs to grace the waters, fresh or salt! You are in a great area for sailing, and I'm sure that Skylark will perform well for you there or about anywhere you wish to explore. Yes, you have lots of work ahead of you, but it will be rewarding.
This site will serve you well with a dedicated and knowledgeable group of sailors who can guide you through most, if not all, of your projects. Welcome to the Group!


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm at Ballena Isle in Alameda. Glad to hear there are other Morgan owners in the area - maybe we could do a Morgan meet-up (or raft-up!) when things finally calm down and we are able to socialize again :)
Congratulations on your new to you boat. I left the bay area on mine in 2018 headed west and am now on the east coast, working my way back there. She is a solid and capable boat.


Mark Pearson
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Congrats & Welcome to being a Morganeer, Fergus. There are a couple dozen or so of us sprinkled up the west coast. Cali, Oregon, Washington, and maybe one or two up in BC. Maybe we should have a west coast round up someday after this pesky virus leaves us ;) . The 38X designer (Ted Brewer) lives up in BC so we could just show up at his house.:)


Fergus I started going through this same process in 2015 and am almost done--but lo and behold...time to replace the 4.108. But I can talk to you about spar and rigging work, interior refinishing, rewiring and other stuff. Of course everyone's situation is different but I still believe in the integrity of the Morgan 38 as one of the very best choices in mid-range cruisers. I first sailed them in the early 1980s so that helped with my decision when I bought mine five years ago. I turned down a similar Morgan 38 that was cosmetically nicer and had a newer Yanmar but some deck and hull issues sent me walking. I learned a lot, made a few mistakes, made a few good decisions but the list grows again every time it shrinks. But sailors everywhere know and admire the Morgan 38. Regards from Annapolis