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Surveyor wanted in Beaufort, North Carolina area.


Richard Dowe
I am looking at purchasing a Bristol sailboat. Retirement is coming soon and we want to sail more but getting in and out of the vee birth and making the bed takes a toll. We want one with a little more room , queen center berth and center cockpit. Looking for recommendations of a good surveyor in the area. If we get this boat than my Morgan will be up for sale.
Thanks Rick


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Hi Rick - I know what you mean about the v-berth. We consider that boat yoga and I'm trying to work on flexibility and stretching so I can get in/out of there as long as possible. ;)

Do you remember Jeff Lovett of S/V Pilgrim? He was quite active on this forum until he sold his boat. He lived in Beaufort and did work on boats and I'll bet he knows of a good surveyor (and maybe some bad ones too).

I'll send you a PM with his email address if I can find it.


James M. Cleary

We have two Bristols in our Club. A 38' and a 40 something. They are pretty. But our Morgan sails past them both, even with all our cruising gear on board.



Richard Dowe
Morning everyone, thanks for the email Mark. I did shoot him a email but have not heard back. Dave, not ready for a trawler. When that time comes it will be a land yacht. Jim, I have heard the boats tend to be a little slow given the weight. We wanted a swing keel to explore the canal systems here and in Europe, and finding one within our budget and wants brought us to this one. We toured a Little Harbor, gorgeous but expensive a few European boats out there but hard to find and most are $$$$$. If anyone has any thoughts on the boat or others drop us a note. Thanks Rick