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Warren Holybee

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I am trying to make space on my boat, and have far too many sails on board (8 of them!) So, I have decided to sell one of my spinnakers, your choice which one. I could be talked out of both of them.

#2 Spinnaker. .75 oz, 1130sf ft. Hood Sails. New in 2017, and used only a few times. It was purchased for the 2018 Pacific Cup, but I exclusively flew the shy kite instead. So it was only used for practice before the race. Cost was $2982 new, sell for $1500.

Shy Kite. 1.5 oz. The invoice says 15% smaller than max size, which would be 960sq ft. Also flatter so you can sail a bit higher. Made by Pineapple Sails specifically for the 382 for Ocean Racing. We flew this 24/7 during the downwind part of the race. The smaller size makes it very manageable when the seas get big and the boat rolls a bit. You can leave it up in squalls when the wind picks up to 20 kts or so. (we had one very scary squall at 30+kts, and the sail and boat survived it) This sail is nearly indestructible. It has one small patch over a dime sized tear from it being dropped into the water. Cost $3820 new, sell for $2000.

Both are Purple/Yellow/Black with sail number 77486. I would like to keep one of them so I have a spinnaker on board, even though I've not been able to use them since the race (spinnakers need experienced crew)