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Sailmaker's Plans


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Edit: Added links to the list below.

I've been digging through the binders of documents I got with my boat and I came across some blueprint type drawings. I have no idea how common/uncommon these are, but if there is an interest, I can take some pics and upload them.

Here is what I have:
  • Morgan 382 R/C Cutter Sailmaker's Plan - Link1 Link2
  • Morgan 382 R/C Sailmaker's Plan (Sloop) - Link1 Link2
  • M-382 Cutter Rig Bow Pulpit Detail - Link
  • 384 Deck Plan (No clue why I have this, as I have a 382) - Link
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Dave Ahlers
M-382 Designer Ted Brewer offered design drawings to convert your 38x to a cutter rig/ Perhaps that's it?


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I edited my original post and added some links. Hope you find em interesting.

M-382 Designer Ted Brewer offered design drawings to convert your 38x to a cutter rig/ Perhaps that's it?
Yep, I also have ran across some notes about the running backs. I thought they were on the diagram, but when I just looked they were not, I'll see if I can find those.



Terence Thatcher
Interesting. I know of only one Morgan 382 that has a bowsprit, and I believe it is in Florida somewhere. It looks as if the inner staysail stay on these plans is in the same location, however as Ted Brewer's plans, which contemplated a cutter rig without the bowsprit. And Brewer did not comtemplate a club-footed staysail, which are notoriously inefficient. Lenny Reich, a former member from Maine, transformed his 382 into a cutter using the Brewer plans. I have thought of adding a bowsprit to my 382, but I would keep her a sloop with the existing solent stay just forward of the anchor locker. No need for running backs because the solent stay goes nearly to the top of the mast. I don't know what that would do to the sail balance, since it would move the CE forward. But given the boat's tendency to develop a weather helm and force a mainsail reef, I bet it would not harm the balance and might enhance it.