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Rudder Shaft Packing Wrench

Hello Everyone,
I thought a new, specific thread appropriate for this.
I have the rudder nut wrench drawing more or less finished and wanted put it here for input. I am looking at doing a run of 10 initially. Can do more nor less depending on interest. Cost should be about $51 of which $10 can be donated to our Forum upkeep.
Let me know your thoughts...


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New Member
Hello there,

When are you thinking of getting those done and how quickly could we get them in on the west coast of Canada. I'm planning a haul out this spring and my rudder shaft is leaking in a bit so I intend to fix that at the same time :).

Let me know,

Great! I am hoping to have these available to ship in the next couple of weeks. Fortin24, I'm in California, so Iwouldn't think shipping to you will take long. Matbe customs will slow it a bit?
Thanks guys for the interest, the more I can make will help in production. And should help us keep the boats healthy!
I will have a date on shipping soon and update this thread.

see my other post here:

Fabricating a Rudder Packing Nut Wrench​



James M. Cleary
I was out at the boat yard to work on the boat today. I brought home my rudder nut wrench and the two shaft nut wrenches. I realize that I made a mistake previously. My rudder nut wrench is not made of 3/8" aluminum but 3/8" steel. The shaft nut wrenches are 3/8" aluminum. I'm sorry for this error and hope it doesn't alter your plans for manufacturing the wrenches.