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Ripple Reborn

We pulled out all the stops on winter upgrades this year: dorade boxes rebuilt (and deck around a leaky one recored); hatches and all ports replaced; decks, non-skid and hull topsides repainted; windlass added / bow locker reconfigured. Joked with my wife that she now looks like the million dollars we've put into her. Not quite a million obviously, but you get the idea ;)
Photo May 12, 11 45 17 AM.jpgPhoto May 12, 11 45 28 AM.jpgPhoto May 12, 11 55 20 AM.jpgPhoto May 12, 12 43 03 PM.jpg


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Wow, Keefer - she looks very, very nice. Professional-grade updates. Her colors also look almost identical to our Zia. ;)

I don't think I realized your boat's name was Ripple. I love that name too, and not because of the wine. My wife wrote a song called Ripple that we recorded in our home studio. Fond memories. I don't know what kind of music you like, but here she is:

Do you have any closer shots of your hatches? Are they the Lewmar Ocean 60s? Zia has been asking for those this summer.

Nice tidy job on the non-skid. Seeing yours, I wish I would have made the stand-off from the hand rails and dorade boxes like you did. I was advised to just go flush up to those things, but I like the looks of your gap.

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to move this thread over to the main forum, since it really is about M38s. And the main thread gets more traffic.

Nice work! Now go enjoy your boat!!


James M. Cleary

Wow!! She looks beautiful. That is a lot of work to have accomplished. May you and your family enjoy this Ripple that you have created on the water.


Go for the Ocean 60's! You will never regret the boat bucks.

Thanks all. Mark, those are indeed Ocean 60s, and they really are quite the improvement. I'll try to remember to get a closer pic. All of the work was done by Zimmerman Marine, who did a fine job all-in-all and were easy to deal with.

How cool to have such a talented spouse and a home studio to boot! Are you part of the backup band? Here is the song after which our Ripple is named:

Terry, the work was done at the marina next door to ours, and she was towed back over to the slip so we have still not yet fired up the Beta. I will post an update on the previous thread once I have one. Fingers crossed that the smaller prop improves things.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Ah yes, we are very familiar with that Ripple too. Great song!
On Susan’s Ripple I just played a little guitar & tried not to step on the flowers.

Jim has been saying those Ocean 60s were one of the easiest & most satisfying upgrades he has done. I’m excited to try something that is easy!

Congrats on all the great refits!
Wow! Ripple looks fantastic. I really like the color scheme. And another Deadhead ;)
And Mark, what a talented wife! Beautiful music.