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Replacing the "Engine Kill" cable


Marvin (Bill) Williams
My "engine kill" ( or engine shutdown cable) has seized up and is no longer functioning. Have tried to spray WD40 hoping it will penetrate the metal sheave and free up the internal wire. No luck so far. So, it looks like the cable will have to be replaced. Has anyone actually replaced theirs? What would you call this type of control cable when ordering it? I am still down in the Rio Dulce and will try to find an replacement here,although I expect I will have to order it from the States. If you have replaced this cable, I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have
I have not had to do this. And I haven't really paid attention to what type it is, but expect it is a Morse Cable. They can be made up in just about any configuration.


Terence Thatcher
Teleflex has bought up most cable makers, although still using some other names. I just bought new throttle and gear shift cables. Mine were from West Marine under the trade name SeaStar Solutions.


Richard Dowe
Bill, I have replaced mine from a tractor store. It's not stainless but so far it has worked fine. I did notice when I removed it that the inner wire would slide out of the sheath. Possibly if you remove it from the boat you could do the same and remove the rust if there is any from the wire to get you by. Rick


Marvin (Bill) Williams
Thanks Rick. For the past several days I have been spraying the metal outter sheave with penetrating oil and WD-40. It has freed up the inner cable and I now have some movement of the inner wire. That outter wire sheave almost looks like a spiral wire and must have some gaps to let the penetrating oil thru to the inner wire. Will keep up this treatment and hopefully get full inner wire movement


Marvin (Bill) Williams
SUCCESS. After several days spraying the external sheath with WD-40 and penetrating oil the kill switch cable moves freely. Will not have to replace the entire thing after all.