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replacement galley sink?


John m. Harrison
I have been doing web searches to try to find a replacement to our galley sink. It has had things set down on it that have dented it so that it doesn't seal around the edges and is unsightly. I am not finding anything that matches the measurements I took of it and the company that made our sinks is sold out and when i went to the buying firms website, they don't appear to be making stainless steel sinks any longer.

Any ideas? I'd be open to even doing a large single, just want something that looks nice and new and would even consider upgrading the faucet while I'm at it... my existing one is somewhat corroded and pitted from age/salt air....




James M. Cleary
I tried to find a replacement sink some time ago with no luck. We love the double sink but could find nothing matching. I'd also be interested if anyone has been successful with a replacement unit. Our galley faucet has been replaced with a standard unit from a plumbing supply. Looks good and lasts about 10 years before the finish is gone. One thing I found that makes the faucet installation a bit easier is to put 6" pipe nipples on the hot & cold inlets to get the point where you attach the hoses below the level of the sink tubs.



Rolf Peterson
I saw a used sink like ours in a used parts store in Pensacola a while back. I thought they were more ubiquitous than I guess they really are. If you want, I can check on it when I go back down there Mid-January. I was interested to see your thread here, as I intend to pull mine out and rebuild my two manual pumps, change out the faucet, and put a filter in this spring. I was planning to re-use it, but it is beginning to show some signs of rust, and a single bin might be nice.


Thomas McNulty
I purchased a like new sink from a resale shop in Texas. I had looked for quite some time before I found it. I'll check for you next time I'm there.


Helene Schmidt
Have you searched in "boat junk yards"? I got all the original cockpit cushions and the original laundry container and other stuff from someone that lost their M383 to a lightning strike. I just met them by chance when I was in Fawcett's right after I bought my M382. I can't help but think their sink must have been in good shape, too.


Helene Schmidt
I did a quick search and found:
Product Features:
  • Double basin sink with a 50/50 split provides increased versatility for any task
  • Covered under limited lifetime residential
  • Constructed of 22 gauge premium grade stainless steel - guaranteed to never rust or corrode
  • Drop in installation is a quick and simple process
  • Center drain location provides optimal drainage capability
Product Technologies / Benefits:
  • Sound Deadening: Bottom of sink is sprayed with an undercoating which helps absorb sound, maintain water temperature, reduce vibration, and, prevent condensation
  • Height: 6-5/16" (measured from the bottom of sink to the top of the rim)
  • Overall Width: 19" (measured from the back outer rim to the front outer rim)
  • Overall Length: 25" (measured from the left outer rim to the right outer rim)
  • Basin Width: (measured from the back inner rim to the front inner rim)
    • Left: 14"
    • Right: 14"
  • Basin Length: (measured from the left inner rim to the right inner rim)
    • Left: 10"
    • Right: 10"
  • Basin Depth: (measured from the center of basin to the rim)
    • Left: 6-1/8"
    • Right: 6-1/8"
  • Installation Type: Drop In
  • Number of Faucet Holes: 1-4
  • Drain Outlet Connection: 3-1/2"
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Width: 30"


Thomas McNulty
Our sinks measure 25 x 17 but the faucets fit on the counter behind them. With this option the faucets sit on the back rim. It should fit.


Helene Schmidt
I saw your ruler on the photos, so I thought it would fit. How deep are our sinks? My recollection is that they are deeper than the Elkay at less than 6.5" ... but I stopped looking at options when I found this one.

Here is another one, 10.5" deep but a lot more expensive.

This one is 7 5/8 " deep and still more expensive than the first one.

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jose santin

A long while back I posted on a thread with the same subject. I googled the part number on the old sink and managed to find a brand new replacement sink at Hamilton Marine. This of course was many years ago. You might give them a call. It's a long shot but you might get lucky. I do not know if it was Jim the one looking for a sink back then.

Merry Christmas!


Dave Ahlers
John, take a look at Defender Marine. They have decent selection, perhaps something will work for you.


Ken Kurlychek
I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if you ever found a replacement sink, John? If yes, was it a drop-in replacement or did you have to modify the existing plumbing?


Ken Kurlychek
Thanks, John. I was really looking for an exact, drop-in replacement so I don't have to re-do the plumbing. If none exists, I'll check out the Ruvati sink. Thanks again.