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Radar monitor location


Just Finished installing radar post and dome on transom now looking for a best place to locate monitor. I'm not sure if I want it on the helm or downstairs.
I was hoping to get some thoughts from people on were they located it and pros and cons of different locations .
Thanks john
Ours is at the helm. B&G Zues 2. I have considered a repeater at the Nav desk. But, haven't used Sonata enough needing radar to much so can't justify the expense yet.


James M. Cleary
I would recommend that the radar be available in the cockpit. The last place you want to be when the visibility is zero and there is traffic around is down below at the chart table.



Bill Harney
I have extended wires on mine that allows it to be moved from the chart table out the companionway to a bracket under the dodger allowing it to be viewed from the helm while keeping it out of the weather.


Stephen Ruell
If your radar has it's own screen it is likely you will mount it differently than if it sends the image to the chart plotter. Much better if the radar interfaces to your main chart plotter and then you would want that at the helm IMHO. We have Garmin radar feeding to a Garmin chart plotter with the radar image overlaying on the nav chart. I cannot imagine any other location than at the helm for coastal cruising.
I have the Garmin to chartplotter setup too, but didn't have enough cable to get to the cockpit. Bill Harney, did you run an extension cable from the existing cable, and, if so, what connector did you use?


Bill Harney
The cable from the radome was long enough so I just had to extend the power wires. My radar and chartplotter are separate. I also bring the chartplotter out to a bracket under the dodger when necessary, the antenna cable is long enough. I'd rather not have electronics exposed to the elements and thieves.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
In my opinion (in this day & age) putting a radar monitor anywhere else than the helm is a little crazy. When you really need the radar, you really need it and it would be a big distraction to run back & forth to the cabin to look at the radar. IMHO even a little dangerous. Good chartplotters/radar monitors are not cheap, but it seems very ironic to lay out that much money and then not have it where you really need it, when you need it.

When we bought Zia she had an antique (non-functional) Furuno radar monitor installed below at the nav station. We ripped all of that out and replaced with B&G 4G radar & Zeus3 chart plotter. I fabricated the fiberglass housing, although there are many options for NavPod-like ways of mounting near the helm. It is mostly protected from the weather (bimini, covers, etc.).


Keep us posted on your progress!