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Perkins 4108 dual oil cooler


Taken from my 1980 4.108 before I rebuilt it this winter. It worked fine but I had to replace it with a different single-cooler so the conversion kit on the secondary fuel filter (from the messy and unwieldy clamp configuration to a spin-on cartridge) could be accommodated. So, it works and is the older style of course--NA004139 Perkins Dual Oil Cooler and not stainless cupro/nickel. One of the "hose" ends has some slight damage as show in the phot and may need some re-threading or refitting to accommodate the oil line.

This dual cooler new is now selling online for about $350 plus tax and delivery but it can be yours for $99 plus delivery, likely by UPS. There is not much more I can tell you about it except that it always worked well for me and appears to be in very good condition. AND JUST IN CASE--LADDER! I have the original steel tube and teak step transom boarding ladder--I will post photos in a new thread.


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