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Performance & Reliability of this Forum/Website


Mark Pearson
Staff member
I can’t be alone in this experience: It seems like half the time I hit this site, the page never comes up. Or it’s super slow.
Then I wait an hour and it comes up fine.

Has Anyone else noticed this?

We are currently hosted on GoDaddy.com, and I think I’ll migrate everything over to another hosting site I use. It’s super fast and reliable and about the same price.

I’ve been too busy with my job to do this, but that picture will be changing in the next couple of months.

Any opinions on switching our hosting?



James M. Cleary

I am glad to hear that you and others have experienced slow start-ups and delayed loading. My thought was that it was Safari on my Apple that was the problem. Not that I'm glad there is a problem .....well you know what I mean. Let us know if it is time for us to send you some cash to help maintain the site.



Ken Kurlychek
Hi Mark,
I've never noticed any extra slow response time while at home. If you want to check out another hosting service, I highly recommend veerotech.net. I've used them for hosting a wide variety of sites over the past eight years with no complaints.


New Member
I'm new here. Had major problems making and updating my first post. Seemed the site was on the verge of crashing. Seems fine now.

Warren Holybee

Active Member
I've noticed it in the past for sure. But cruising now am not on often enough to make a judgment.

I welcome a hosting change if you already have a provider you are confident in.


I have not had any problems but I host my websites are with GoDaddy and have had some problems, My web nerd has suggested that erratic loading times may be a result of GoDaddy's servers. If I learn anything if I actually get through to them...I'll post info. here.