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James M. Cleary

There is a small block in the boom that gives the outhaul a double purchase. Most owners have fished the block out and went to a single line arrangement using a 5/16" line. To get the block out put a tag line on the line that comes out of the boom at the gooseneck, then pull the whole thing aft until the block comes out the aft end of the boom. Then use the tag line to pull the new line back to the gooseneck. Hope this helps.



Trying to change line for outhaul keep getting hung up somewhere in boom
Hi, welcome to the forum. Is the question what you might be hung up on? Are you able to get a flashlight in one end so you can see how far down you’re hung up? Did you remove the boom vang pin? Are your reefing lines run internally or externally?

There is nothing complex going on in the boom of these boats, but I can imagine it is easy to get tangled up if you’re tugging blindly. The outhaul line cant be changed without pulling the whole assembly out, blocks and all. I would recommend pulling a dummy line though when you remove it. It will be easier to put back in this way.

The boat’s manual has diagrams of the boom rigging. It is possible to rerig it with the boom in place but it’s a little tricky to support the boom with the mast-side end fitting pulled off. Very hard to see into the tube with the mast in the way. I found it much easier to do with the boom down on sawhorses.

Good luck!


Bert Willett
I had problems with my outhaul on the boom. Replaced the blocks and the line inside the boom. Still had problems. Think I figured out that after 30 years the outhaul slide was tilting slightly when I was trying to slide it forward, and diging in and not moving. About that time I sold the boat and never got it fixed. Sorry. You may want to see how the slide works with nothing attached.


Terence Thatcher
On my boom, you can get to the outhaul block in side the boom by removing the large aluminum end boom fitting that attaches to the gooseneck. You may have to drill out stainless fasteners that have corrosion-welded themselves to the aluminum piece. I have a four-way block system inside the boom and recently overhauled it and replaced the lines with dyneema, thus eliminating the wire part of the outhaul. The blocks are attached to the boom with a thru-boom bolt just aft of the gooseneck fittings.


James M. Cleary

We had a couple of years where we were plagued with bird nests in the boom in the spring. The solution was cutting a short section of a foam noodle and jamb it into the end of the boom for over the winter.