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Original Galley Maid Alcohol Stove/parts, FREE

I just picked up Sonata's new Dickenson Carribean stove. I am going to remove our original stove soon. Anyone needing any parts or the whole thing, let me know. I'm hoping someone can use some of it before it goes to the scrap yard. It hasn't been used in years, long before we purchased Sonata anyway. Just pay for shipping and I will dismantle what I can and send it to you.
Hi Mitchell,

I one the 384 Morning Star, formerly Mary T. I am still using the original Galley Maid alcohol oven range, and would love to have backup parts for it. I would like to have yours for parts, either the parts or the entire stove. My address is :

John Flanzer
9410 Concord Circle
Bradenton, FL 34210

Please let me know shipping costs so I may send you payment. Thanks!


Hi John,
Thanks for your response. I will get an estimate asap. I am in California so I don't know if shipping the complete stove will make sense. We'll see. I'm happy you may be able to use this rather than scraping it.
It will probably be a few weeks before the stove is pulled. But I should be able to get a shipping estimate before then.
Mitchell Allen
Hi John,
I'm not sure how to send you a private message. So, Greyhound Bus freight seems to be the least expensive, about $100. 14 days approximately and you will need to pick it up at the nearest station. UPS Ground about $175. 5 days. Let me know if it's worth it for you. I just figured the stove and some plumbing in this. I would ship it in the Dickenson box once the new stove is on Sonata.
Hi John,
I have your stove packed and ready to ship. I found a source to ship it direct to you using FedEx. Looks like it should run about $90. You won't need to go pick it either. I emailed for your address a few days ago, but remembered you'd sent it here.

If you would like to send payment for the Wrench at the same time, it will be $51. Also, if it's easier, I have
PayPal, use; mildmitch@hotmail.com if you want to do it that way. Use "Friends and Family".

Thanks so much!
Mitchell Allen