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Newsletter - Fall 1997


Mark Pearson
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Note: following is a copy of an original Morgan Owner's newsletter (they were published 1997-1999).

Morgan-38 Owners' Group
1997 Fall Newsletter, No.2

Editor's Corner

Welcome to the second issue of the Morgan-38 Owners' Group Newsletter. I am very pleased that the first issue was well received and hope to get out four issues this first year--one in the winter and another in the spring.

This issue contains what many people asked for on their registration forms, a directory of members and their boats. Please use it to find other M-38 owners in your area or for any purposes related to promoting our boats or our Owners' Group. However, please do not use it for commecial purposes, and do not make it available to anyone who would.

In addition to street address, each listing contains (where available) home phone, boat name and type, homeport, and e-mail address. Inevitably, errors creep into such a directory. If there's one in your listing, please let me know. By my count, the directory shows 104 members with boats, broken down as follows: M-382/47, M-383/13, M-384/22, Charley Morgan-38/18, and Catalina-Mgn/4.

Two requests for owner feedback have come in, and I pass them along. If you have experience along these lines that you are willing to share, please send your comments to me by the beginning of February for inclusion in the next newsletter. The questions are: (1) On Charley Morgan-38s, does anyone have experience with the yawl rig, especially converting the sloop to a yawl? What's involved, how useful is it, etc.? (2) On the M-382/3/4, has anyone installed a feathering propeller? Which engine; which prop; any installation problems; perceived benefits, etc.? I think many of us would find answers to these questions of use.

A group of M-38ers met at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October. I was unable to attend due to an untimely head-on meeting with a Ford pickup truck a few weeks before, an encounter from which I am just now recovering. (You know what they say: "The most dangerous part of sailing is the drive down to the harbor.") My thanks to Bill and Sandy Cones for organizing the group. In addition to the Cones, conferees included Tony and Lee Van Landingham, Frank and Ruth Ann Martin, Jeff and Jane Donnelly, Bob Engle and his wife, Jay Greene, Elaine Lussier, and Fred Laws. My understanding is that they talked about their favorite subject, especially repairs and modifications. Meetings like this are an excellent way to get to know other owners, and I would be happy to run notices in the newsletter. Walt and Barb Trela would like to organize one for "Strictly Sail, Chicago," which takes place January 29th through February 1st, 1998. If you are interested, contact them directly (see directory).

Another good means of communication is an internet bulletin board--the kind where people post comments and queries, someone responds, then others respond to either the orginal or the response, and on and on.... Several people have asked whether a bulletin board of this sort can be added to our web page. I'm working on it and hope to have one running by the first of the year.

A bulletin board should be a great way to share ideas and to help provide the Owners' Group with direction. I'll inform all members with e-mail addresses as soon as it's up. Don't have access to the internet? Check your public libarary, as many are now providing it as a service. (And while there, check out all the good sailing sites. The index found at "www.sailingindex.com" is a good place to start.)

Finally, let me call your attention to an important resource listed in the directory. Pete Brown was the construction supervisor for the entire run of the M-382s, 383s, and 384s. Involved in design modi-fications, he literally knows the boats inside-out and now works independently as a marine surveyor, specializing in Morgans. He has helped me and several members with questions about repairs and maintenance, and is willing to do the same for other owners. If you call, tell him you're a member of the Owners' Group. Yours for fair (warm) winds...

Lenny Reich

[The remainder of the newsletter was a members' directory. It's for members only and is NOT being made available on the web site.]
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