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New (to me) 1970 CM38 Owner


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Hello everyone,
I am the new proud owner of a 1970 CM38! The boat will need some TLC before its back in its former glory, and i plan to spend this coming winter giving her some love!
For all i read the CM38 is a seakindly and forgiving sailing vessel, easy to keep on track and very strong...
I saw some old threads about someone having a copy of the manual and even drawings of the centerboard and mechanism, if any of your Gents or Ladies have a manual for the CM38 or its equipment, i would certainly appreciate figuring out the best way to get a copy! I would even love to find a copy of the original sales brochure!

Here are a few questions I already have (and I even have started working on the boat yet!):
1) the boat have a rebuilt Atomic 4 in it. The engine started easy and it seems to be working well. I am very familiar with the atomic 4, as I had it on a previous boat. Parts are easy to find, and the engine is easy to maintain and repair. My concern is how well does it move the boat if you are heading against the current/wind? The old owner mentioned that the aperture of the hull/rudder only allows only so big of a prop, so a stronger engine may not yield much better results... Does anyone with a CM38 replace it with a diesel? If so, what was your experience?

2) The wheel on the boat is forward in the cockpit, almost by the cabin entrance. Is that common of all CM38s, or it was just installed there because that is where the original owner desired? I can see some advantages of being there, but seems odd from what I always seen...

I am looking forward to knowing the group better, and being a proud Morgan Sailor! Turns out that one of the best sailors I know (James Cleary of Dana) is already part of this group for many years, so I know I am in great company!
Paul C


James M. Cleary

Congratulations on the new (to you) boat. You are going to enjoy sailing her. She will make three Morgan 38s in our mooring field. Let me know how I can help you with your refit.



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Hey, Paul! I just bought hull #21 and I will be doing the same thing! I currently live in Colorado, but the boat is in Port Isabel, TX (near South Padre Island). Airfare back and forth is cheap. Got her at a great price. Updated with 2011 35HP Kubota, newer cushions on interior (surprisingly nice for boat's condition). Electronics are currently dead, gauges are busted, etc. On a quest next to at least get the thing cool enough to work on in heat of summer and get the stereo working :D

Interesting to note that another very nice Charley Morgan 38 is parked right in front of me!

I have started cleaning her up (years of neglect and quite a mess inside). I have ripped out most of the rotting original wood inserts to the salon compartments and now removing wood cable trays and cleaning up mildew. Fun stuff! My first goal is to make her habitable (by my standard... she could be now for others, maybe).

I look forward to sharing stories, pics, and/or refit/enhancement ideas. I have a few pics over in my thread in The Pub.


Hey Paulo,
Congratulations!!! These are great boats. I am looking forward to seeing her out in the mooring field with Dana and Willa!