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New member - Catalina Morgan 38cc


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I am a new member to the Morgan 38 club. My name is Steve Barron. I bought a 1994 Catalina Morgan 38cc, Hull #36, 3 years ago. The name of the boat is Blessings.

I live in Bristol, Rhode Island and moor the boat in the Bristol harbor. I use the boat mostly for day sailing and coastal cruising in New England. Working on getting the boat ready for launch soon. Many little projects. I wish I had found this forum sooner. Great information.

I would love to hear from others in the area or others who own a Catalina Morgan 38cc.


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Mark Pearson
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Hi Steve - a belated welcome! You have a pretty boat! And Bristol is sure a pretty place to sail.

Hopefully you can connect with some other Catalina Morgan 38 people on this forum. Our members have a mixture of all the different M38 models.



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Ahoy all!. I am also a new morgalina 38cc (1994) owner. still getting her outfitted for the summer. Her new home port is Brunswick, GA. I have been perusing this forum since I purchased her 2 months ago, and am glad I found it! Steve, if you have any words of wisdom (I am still learning a lot) I would appreciate it! I assume you have the westerbeke engine on your boat, have you had issues with the sea water pump? I think at some point in the past on mine, someone changed it out, and now the newer impellers don’t fit (the middle bar is too fat). I may end up replacing the pump anyway, but was just curious on you experience. Thanks!

SEA you soon,