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New Boat Owners !!


Good day all,

My name is Mike and I'm the new owner of Murrelet, a 1978 382. We're currently located in Victoria BC Canada, and we plan on taking her offshore 3 years from now once the refit is completed and cruise full time. I was amazed to see such a community prior to the purchase and it helped me make my decision. Thanks for having me.


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Beautiful! Congratulations. We bought Sonata just about 2 years ago and this forum was also a big factor in my decision making.


Mark Pearson
Staff member
Hello, and welcome Fortin024! We hope your Morgan 38 experience is as fulfilling as ours.
We hoped to be back up in the Canadian Gulf Islands & Desolation Sound last summer, but the darn pandemic had other plans. So we will be back up (hopefully) next summer. We love Victoria BC - a great place. You probably recognize where this photo was taken ;).



James M. Cleary
Welcome to the Board. And congratulations on your new boat. We sail Dana, a 1978 382 on the East Coast. If your travel plans ever bring you our way, you will always find a welcome.



Sweet--interior looks great. I recognize the photo from Victoria as I was there about...ohh 3o years ago???

Ernest Ashley

New Member
Thank you. Had the boat surveyed today, a 1982 Morgan 383. Went well. Looks like we will be joining your ranks.


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Ernest Ashley

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Had to put it in the water and run her around for a bit for the survey and sea trial. Mast already in the shed. Next trial will be as owners en route from Mystic Connecticut to Salem, MA. With the mast up.