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New Asymmetrical Spinnaker via Drone


James M. Cleary

Looks Great. Very beautiful sail. Are you using a Trylaska Snap shackle on the tack? It will make furling easier.



Mark Pearson
Staff member
Hi Jim & Warren - I used a Tyaska shackle on our old asym that had a sock. Because we needed to release the tack under load in order to get it into the sock.

Our Tyaska shackle allows spinning. With this newfangled furling spinnaker, I finally figured out that where the tack attaches to the bowsprit pole needs to be fixed, and can’t be allowed to spin. Or the furling won’t work. :)

I’m reasonably happy with our setup now, but I need to move the tack and head a little further (6”) forward to reduce chances of fouling on other things. The sail has a little semi-rigid flap at those locations to help the furling, that is maybe 6” long. That little flap touches the bow pulpit on the bottom and the furled genoa head at the top. So I need to move my bowsprit pole about 6” out and re-do my spinnaker crane at the top to move the head forward further.