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My iPad with my garmin blue chats was stolen


lee nicholas
out of my truck . I used that thing for all trips. Look up on i pad and send data to Garmin 741. So i just dont remember what kind if I pad it was I would say 5 years old 10 inches long . great charts great tool .
I want to buy another but have no idea , what to get ? Who else uses a I pad and garmin blue charts to navigate ?? Lee
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Lee I have been using my iPad for a lot of years. When they came out with the bad elf (bad elf picks up GPS and sends it to iPad anywhere ) bought a boat in Florida was heading to Antigua through Bahamas forgot my garmin in Boston. Bought the bad elf $100. had it overnighted And used the iPad the hole trip. Still today I keep it on the chart table as back up and easy to see. I've used isailor,navtronics,Garmin blue. Isailor was my favorite. Easy to use and cheap charts. Now you have to pay subscription.